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Grade Reviews

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Requesting a Review of your Grade

Please review this information CAREFULLY before submitting a grade review request. Grade review requests that do not conform to these instructions will NOT be accepted.


On this page: Grade review requests on assignments and quizzes, for my courses.



What is a grade review request?

A grade review request is when a student feels that the points they have received do not reflect the work they have submitted.


When is a grade review request appropriate?

A grade review request is appropriate when it appears that the student’s assignment meets the criteria and follows the directions laid out in the assignment/quiz/class syllabus and instructions but has not received the appropriate points/grade.


When is a grade review request inappropriate?

A grade review request is inappropriate when it is based on disappointment in a grade, previous or current performance in other classes, external needs such as having to earn a certain grade to pass a class, maintain or obtain funding, maintain eligibility for University activities or any reason other than those described above.


How much time do I have to submit a grade review request?

All grade review requests must be timely. Generally, I give students 5 working (a week) days to request a review.


How are grade review requests reviewed?

I will review the student’s argument for a re-assessment, as well as the assignment/performance and compare it to the grading criteria and overall class performance. 


Then what?

If the grade earned is appropriate based on the criteria then the grade will stand. If the grade review request appears to be appropriate then the student may recover all or some the points that they request. I will always explain my rationale for any decision I make. I may also require a better rationale or explanation for any grade review request. If there is some doubt, I will generally side on giving the student the points.


What if I am still not satisfied?

Once I have rejected a grade review request the matter is closed. Students have the right to take any appeal to the Department Chair.


Why can’t I make special exceptions?

To maintain equity for all students, the same criteria and standards must be applied equally to all students. This means that any accommodation made for one student must be made for all students.


Why do you require grade review requests via email, what if I want to talk about it in person?

To be as fair as possible, it is important to take as much emotion and personality out of the process as possible. Putting everything in writing helps all parties to be very clear about the issues and what is said. Having a physical trail of the process protects everyone.


Grade Review Requests on Assignments

Follow these steps CAREFULLY for any review request.


1. Carefully review all comments on your assignment and compare them to the instructions and grading criteria for the assignment.


2. If you still feel you have grounds for a grade review request you must construct an argument for any modifications in your score based on the specifics of your work compared to the instructions and the criteria for grading. For example, “The instructions state X, the criteria states Y, I did Z, therefore, I deserve to get credit (x number of points) for my work.” The more specific you are the better.


3. Submit this argument in the body of an email. I will confirm that I received it and give you a time frame for my decision.


Grade Review Requests on Quizzes

Follow these steps carefully for any review request.


1. Carefully review the question and the material that the question is based on. All questions have notes that indicate page numbers or slide numbers where the correct information is located.


2. Recall that while there might be several answers that could be correct, there is only one best answer.


3. Copy the entire quiz question from Blackboard – a question number will not work as they are randomized for each quiz. Quiz questions will have titles such as "C1.12" or "MC#17" which allows me to locate the question. Paste it in the body of an email. Quote the relevant material from the text/lecture and explain why your answer should count.


4. I will acknowledge your request and give you a response time frame. If the alternate answer could reasonably seen as correct the student will get the points (as will all others).


Review Requests for the Final Grade.

Follow these steps carefully for any review request.


1. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of his/her grades during the semester. Remember, grades are calculated by converting points to a letter grade (see the class syllabus for a grade conversion chart). Grades will generally be available via the course Blackboard site.


2. Course grade changes will only be entertained if there is evidence that the student’s grade was not recorded or calculated correctly. Quiz or assignment scores need to be addressed individually and in a timely manner (see above).


3. Once final grades are posted on Blackboard, the student MUST contact me as soon as possible. Grade changes after grades have been posted on mysjsu require filing paperwork with the Department Chair. This will not be done lightly.


4. If I reject your review request, you may appeal to the Department Chair.

Incompletes and Academic Renewal



An incomplete is reserved for students who are otherwise passing the course when they are forced to withdraw for extenuating circumstances and therefore miss some final assignments which would mean they would be  unable to finish the course. Incompletes are not awarded lightly. It is the student's responsibility to keep the instructor informed of any extenuating circumstances that may impact the successful completion of the course.


Academic Renewal:

If a students fails to pass a course, he/she may apply for Academic Renewal. DO NOT SIMPLY RETAKE THE CLASS! This will allow the student to take the class again and have the old grade replaced by the new one. Go here for more information:



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